7 Quick Staging Tips

When preparing your home for sale staging is arguably one of the most critical aspects of marketing your home. While there are some amazing staging experts that are available for hire the reality is that not all of us can or want to buy a stager.

So Here Is a Few Important Tips To Consider When Staging Your Home For Sale

1. Clean Up All Clutter

One important detail you should not skip when staging your home is getting rid of all your extra clutter around your home. This will help you with starting your packing early, as well as making sure all your valuable items are kept safe while people view your home. Some items to pack that can help make the room look a lot cleaner include pictures, jewelry holders, loose cables, books, and other loose items laying around.

2. Place White Towels Out

Placing white towels in your bathrooms and in your kitchen will create a clean atmosphere. When people see white they subconsciously think of the area as being cleaner. So when they are walking in your bathrooms one great trick to use is placing folded white towels around the room to create a clean and inviting atmosphere.

3. Make Your House Sparkling Clean

This is perhaps the most important tip of all. Make sure your home is sparkling clean throughout the entire time of holding viewings. When potential home buyers walk through your home one of the biggest turn-offs for them is the cleanliness of the house. That is why you want to make sure the floors are cleaned, the surfaces are dusted, and fresh scents are in the air.

4. Invest In Some Flowers

One great touch every will notice is when there is a tasteful plant in the room. The great part about this tip is it is relatively inexpensive and it adds a great touch to your room. You can buy some great small plants at your local nursery, or even an artificial plant at a local department store.

5. Complete Small Repairs

There are tons of great options to choose from when listing your home that can increase the sale price of your home. You can do this by bringing a whole room together, from crown molding, and fresh coats of paint to replacing dated fixtures. Spending a few dollars on ensuring your home looks great in today’s market can really help increase the attraction of your home in a competitive market.

6. Replace Burnt Out Lights

Ensure you replace all burnt out lights in your home. Making sure your rooms show to their full potential is essential. One great thing you can do is purchase energy efficient led lights that will not only brighten up a room, but will also help save the buyer money on energy.

7. Air Fresheners

This is one general tip that I see skipped every month when I show my buyers homes. There can be scents that you are unaware of in your home that can turn a buyer away from liking your home. In particular that basement, kitchen, and bathrooms are all great locations to put an air freshener. This will give your home a more inviting feel, while also making your buyers subconsciously want to stay in the home longer while they are looking around.

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