Decorate Your Outdoor Living Space


When it comes to enjoying your home you want to take advantage of your outdoor space as much as possible. So what I did for you was researched the best ways to spice up the backyard for your home. With the patio season finishing up it is the perfect time to add a couple more touches to enjoy the last bit of summer, and the fall season.

Grow Your Own Small Sanctuary:

Even a small backyard can benefit from having a garden, and the best part is you will get to make it your own little creation. With this year finishing up, its the perfect time for you to prepare it for next season so you can enjoy your backyard next year. From flowers, to vegetables and fruit there is tons of variations of gardens that you can make to create to spice up your backyard, and if you start planning it now you can create the best little garden next year.


This one goes without saying, but every backyard should have a decent set of solar powered lights. Solar powered lights are not only environmentally friendly, they also can be used to shine light on the best attributes in the backyard. If you have any statues, or beautiful greenery solar powered lights might be the perfect add-on for your backyard.

Natural Materials:

 The look of concrete is out this year, and has been replaced with a more rustic natural materials of wicker, rattan and terra cotta. The natural wood will give a more weathered look ot the backyard, with that cherished homely feel.

Family Sized Fire Pits:

Some of my best memories are sitting by a fire side while camping. You can recreate this feeling by having your own personal fireplace in your backyard. You can also use your fire to help destress yourself after work, or to bring some friends over that you haven’t seen in a while.


A great touch to your backyard that won’t break the bank is adding in a fountain. This will add a great personal touch, and bring some liveliness to your backyard. The great part about the fountains is that you can buy a smaller more conservative fountain, or you can hire a landscaper to come in and design a fountain into your backyard.


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